Sunday, January 24, 2021

Starting a 3rd Party might be a bad idea for MAGA

The purpose of The Last Tradition is to bring my readers Red Pill truth!

I get all the reasons why there is so much desire to have a political party that represents the interests of voters.  I myself left the Republican Party over 20 years ago and am registered in the Conservative Party in New York. 

I get it!

But, Ronald Reagan believed in conservatives taking over the GOP instead of going 3rd party.  We cannot afford to have the MAGA vote diluted. 

Ross Parrot got 19% as a Reformed Party candidate when he ran against George Bush and Bill Clinton and Clinton ended up becoming president.  That's the highest percentage a 3rd party ever got and it still lost the election. 

We need to really think hard about this. 


  1. Agreed, but a lot of Conservatives at the time said, "Who is Ross Perot?" To a majority of us he was a complete unknown. Would the Republican party of 2024 put up a candidate against DJT? Who?
    OTOH, could we ever expect another valid election?

  2. Reagan was right because Perot is why we got Clinton (well, that and the fact that Bush didn’t want to be re-elected).

  3. The Republican Party is irredeemable. It cannot be reformed. I've voted for their candidates and where did it get me? The Republican Party replaced the dying Whig Party in in the 1850s.Political parties come and go. It's long past the time for the Republicans to go.

    1. Amen to that. I will never vote for a republican again, unless they are Donald Trump or someone like Donald Trump. In 2024 if the nominee is jeb bush i will sit out the election. If he started the Patriot Party, it would be as big as the republican party in 2 years, and in 4 years would be the dominant party. My opinion.

    2. Exactly. The Republican Party proved beyond a doubt they are loyal unto themselves and not the people who trusted them enough to elect them into office.