Sunday, February 28, 2021

Nicole Arbour: BLM collected as much money as The Lincoln Project, 90M How much of that money went to help Black folks? ZERO!!! What up?

The purpose of The Last Tradition is to bring my readers Red Pill truth!

Looks like corporate America, guilt ridden Liberals and just plain fools have given money to Black Livesd Matter and none if it went to help the Black community.   

Besides BLM being run by three Marist lesbians, BLM are just as much the grifters as those jokers NeverTrumpers who ran the Lincoln Project.

Source: The Officer Tatum 

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  1. I would suggest to you that the clown show that was the Lincoln Project were not NeverTrump Republicans. They were morons hired by MSLSD, pretending to be NeverTrump Republicans.