Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sad day for Billy: Bill Gates hires law firm founded by Warren Buffett’s right-hand man for divorce

I don't care much for Bill Gates.  But, I think it's sad to see his marriage come to an end. 

There'a too much of this going in our country. 

NY Post reports Bill Gates has hired the legal firm started by Warren Buffett’s right-hand man to help lead his $130 billion divorce from wife Melinda.

Munger, Tolles B& Olson is listed as one of three firms representing the Microsoft co-founder after Gates’ wife of 27 years filed for divorce on Monday, according to documents shared by TMZ.

The law firm was founded in 1962 by Charles Munger, who has long been indispensable to Buffett after meeting him in 1959.

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  1. somehow my heart just can't go out to him

  2. I have no good feelings for either party in the Gates marriage when I hear that his wife let him go on trysts with his former GF. This is likely not the only one.