Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Andrew Cuomo needs to leave immediately no two week notice

 There's no reason why Cuomo needs to give two notice.  He needs to leave immediately.  Cuomo has been the worst governors New York ever had.      


  1. Sure there is! He has to spend the next two weeks shredding EVERYTHING that has to do with the 15k + people his decisions killed during the height of the kung-flu outbreak last year, in order to make sure he and a number of his toadies don't swing for it.

  2. All the jobs except one where I dropped a two week notice I was walked out within the hour. All but one paid the two weeks and PTO balance. The one that didn't I had to threaten a lawsuit to get paid my earned leave and last day of pay. Their HR were jerks but my manager was a righteous guy. He gave a glowing recommendation letter and was a great reference for the next job.