Sunday, September 12, 2021

Can we have transgenders compete against other transgenders and not against real women?

I'm sorry but "real women", those that God created are getting screwed royally.  Transenders if they want to compete in sports should compete against other transgenders.  So let's not pretend them beating real women in sports is fair because it is not!


  1. Have there been ANY 'transgender' women becoming 'men' in order to compete against actual men? If there are any, how successful have they been..................

  2. The woke don't intend fairness. According to leftist ideology, your very reasonable question would falsely be called "transphobic", simply as a way to try to shut you up.

    But the real answer is that there simply aren't enough transgender athletes to form a team, much less a competition. Think about it, the last thing most of the tiny minority who truly suffer from gender dysphoria want to do is show off their body to crowds of spectators.

    I know some actual transgendered people, who were born that way instead of being recent ideological newcomers. Most of them are already tired of the insane politicization of their identities and just want to be left alone.