Why I’m a Conservative

The biggest reason I’m a conservative is because I like to use my own my mind. I refuse to be boxed in a mode of thinking that dictates what I’m supposed to be prior to my birth.

Liberals through deceit, manipulation, and sometimes outright lies have set up this society to programs minority groups (Blacks and Latinos) to only support the Democrat Party.

This is mind slavery that has replaced the physical plantations that formerly held slaves in the South. As I frequently mentioned on this blog, Democrats are the original enslavers of Black people. But through their clever retelling of history, geared toward maintaining their psychological hold on Blacks, they’ve convinced Black people that the slave masters were all Republicans.

This is a vicious lie, but unfortunately since Liberals control the public school system throughout the country, it is still believed by millions of Blacks.

However, count me out of that groupthink!

My parents, who barely finished high school, didn’t send me to college to become a mindless robot for the Democrat Party.


  1. So you became a semi-mindless robot for the Republican Party?

  2. Me and Fabian went to grade school. He;s a good guy.

  3. You do realize that in the time of slavery Democrat and Republican had totally different meanings, right? I guess you never took a history course in college...

    Also, more white people are on food stamps than anyone else, so how do you explain that social programs were set up just for minorities?

    I seriously doubt you even know a black person, and I am sure you haven't polled millions to see how they feel and what they believe.

    That little rant seriously makes me question your intelligence. There is no better indicator than such blatant ignorance. Why don't you go back back to college and learn something this time?

    1. Higher % of blacks on welfare than whites and most white women on welfare are there because the black boyfriends deserted them after they got pregnant.

  4. It's easy to talk a lot of junk and hide behind Anonymous label. You're really brave. Why don't you put your name on what you say?

  5. Anonymous wrote "in the time of slavery...etc" - it looks like HE is the one without any historical understanding or perspective of the origins of the transformed slave manacles wrought by the Democrats (formerly the "Democratic-Republican" party, the same one of Andrew jackson AND Jesse Jackson). The Republican party did not even come into being until 1856 and was the post-war champion of all of the civil rights amendments as well as the chief supporters of the 1960's civil rights laws. It was Pres. Eisenhower who sent federal troops to Little Rock and Democrat George Wallace who stood in the school house door. The primary difference between the philosphies of the two political parties is the one endeavors to enforce its will by insisting people aren't capable of figuring out what is best for themselves and solicits votes through bribery from the public treasury, while the other encourages people to do for themselves so they can be rewarded and strives to maintain a political and business atmosphere where nothing will hold you back from achieving your utmost other than your own lack of initiative. Can you figure out which is which, Mr. 'Anonymous'?

  6. First, annonymous said "Also, more white people are on food stamps than anyone else, so how do you explain that social programs were set up just for minorities?" Wrong. The The food stamp program is controlled by the Agriculture dept. Please check their website for ethnicity breakdown. Second, I have no problems with any ethnicity other than an ignorance of the majority to educate themselves on a few facts. We hear constantly about the evil white plantation owners and their slaves. Did you know a majority of slaves were sold into slavery in Africa to the slave traders by other blacks? No, you probably didn't. That's something public education leaves out when rewriting our history because it doesn't fit the liberal narrative that certain ethncities are victims. Annonymous also mentions Republicans and Democrats. One question for ya, why are cities in the USA like Detroit who hasn't seen a Republican mayor in 50 years always doing so poorly? Detroit is the poorest city in our country...don't you see a trend? I believe much racism beliefs are based in paranoia and fear from the race arsonists...Jesse Jackson, Al sharpton, and every show, movie, comedy sketch that African Americans are involved in always have the racsim card in their sketch. No wonder new generations of young African americans are skeptical of white america.

    1. Right, because that excuses it, right? I mean literally there was no slave trade until African chiefs picked up their pens and wrote open letters to the US...

      "Dear American businessmen, I represent a consortium of African royalty who would like to present you with a potentially lucrative business venture...."

      Right! It's not as if thousands of white sailors turned up on the west coast of Africa and exploited the greed of a score of local chiefs. Not at all.

  7. A 1973 George McGovern quote explains why I am a conservative. George McGovern was asked "After taxes are collected and the bills are paid what should the government do with whats left over". He responded this is the biggest difference between Liberals and Conservatives, Conservatives believe that whatever money is left over should be returned to the tax payer because it was their money we took however we as liberals believe we should keep and spend it as we believe we know what is a better use of the tax payers money than they do."

    If you recognize that the government has more of a right to your earned money than you do than you probably would fit well as a liberal I on the other hand I believe my money is mine because I earned it

    1. Conservatives believe .... ok... so says George McGovern
      ..... and what do Liberals believe???
      and, about George . . . .George Stanley McGovern was an American historian, author, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, and the Democratic Party presidential nominee in the 1972 presidential election
      so.... are Democrats are the Conservatives... good to know.... that's the part that always confuses me
      My name is Cindy Hollrah.... I can only reply as Anonymous, as I don't have any of the listed accounts

    2. Ms. Hollrah, I have to reply 'Anonymou' too.
      Thanks for your dialog and debate. Good job, but to me, it really comes down to:
      1. Selling Uranium to the Russians
      2. The non-vetting of Obama by the media
      3. "You can keep your insurance company if you like your insurance company. You can keep your doctor if want to keep your doctor." Lie
      4. The spying on a political party's presidential campaing and then after the election. This is a million times worse than Watergate, and we here CRICKETS from media.
      5. CNN - MSNBC. They are enemies to this country and are working to mislead millions.

  8. As far as modern day restrictions to minorities. The public school system, entitlments and the minimum wage is the biggest obstacle to minorities when businesses are told how little they have to pay it gives everyone the baseline on what to expect and it permits people to earn little money but receive entitlements. However if we removed the incentive to not work and required people to work to receive entitlments we would have fewer people living in poverty. That is the same problem with public education it is required while I recognize that everyone should have an education I dont believe schools should be forced to tolerate behavior of children who either dont want to be there. A a High School education should be requried to receive entitlements.

    When you permit people to not work not better themselves and still receive free money and free housing and free food where is the incentive to work. Right now the average asssitance receiving person in New York city is receiving 74,000 dollars in assistance annually that is considerably sad when you consider NEw York City pays their cops $48,000 per year

  9. I'm curious, what makes you think that all/most black people are democrats? I believe that real mental slavery is the idea that you have to affiliate yourself with one group or another. Everyone of us has common goals, to live happy, healthy, prosperous lives safely. Political groups "set tripping" will not accomplish that.

  10. Poll after poll show percentage of blacks voting Democrat over 90%. 90%

  11. Keep up the good work; don't let the bastards grind you down.

  12. Looks like I landed in the right place. I share your belief that I would rather relate, judge and be judged for 'who I am', instead of what I am.

    The irony of the liberal pathology for diversity is that they truly do not believe in it, the way Conservatives do. Liberals are compelled to group and catalog people by race, creed, sex, color and sexual-prolivities. What they miss is that the truest diversity is in looking at each citizen as a unique individual, as Conservatives do.

  13. I am a Malaysian, Malaysia is a multi racial country with many other races.
    We used to be peaceful but now there are too many problems. People tend
    to judged other races. For me, I just do not give a damm about them.
    Life goes on. Cheer. Rahim Maarof

  14. I wonder, are you familiar with the article "The Case for Reparations"?
    I'm curious as to your thoughts on it.
    I also wonder, as I am sure others do, are you aware that the reason most African-Americans are Democrats is because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, passed by Lyndon Johnson, and whose passage ensured the conversion of the South from a Democratic stronghold to a Republican one?

  15. I like the idea of having a place where you can talk about current issues that concern you and where you can express your unique perspective of the world, but your entry, "Why I Am A Conservative," is troubling. The description you give of historical slavery compared to what you see as modern-day slavery is overly-simplified, and does a real disservice to what is actually a much more complex, nuanced subject. The way you define your conservative ideals, not by what you stand for but instead by simply being the opposite of what you perceive liberalism to be, doesn't tell me about you as much as it tells me who you believe you're against and what you believe those people stand for. Generalizing "all liberals" and "leftists" makes it very likely that you will fall victim to the kind of blind tribalism that prevents people from reaching viable solutions to problems they face and will instead just end up calling each other names and blaming one another for everything they don't like about the world.

    While I don't think you and I would have much in common politically, I'll still check out your site in the hopes that you'll at least try to be fair-minded in your analysis.

    Take care and be well.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Visit again

    2. I support your effort to audit the Federal Reserve but I believe additional legislation to accomplish the required audit is not necessary.

      The GAO has authority to audit any handling of government money upon instruction from any congressional chair. The FRBNY, as fiscal agent for the US government, handles ALL disbursements of funds from the auctions of Treasury securities (over $11 trillion annually)---and any related events to which they wish to assert control. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

      Those specific accounts, which are client accounts and not operational accounts, have never been audited. All audits of the Fed must follow guidelines established by the BOG. The accounts are allegedly used to embezzle funds for the benefit of the (hidden) owners of the FRBOG. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2018/08/16/a-look-at-the-federal-reserve-through-a-different-lens/

  16. Sam, I nearly go orgasmic when liberals cite the fact that there are
    as many blacks and whites on welfare. This old trope reveals a
    complete lack of knowledge of statistics. Numerical parity is not
    revelant when you consider that black people represent 12 or 13
    percent of society at large.

    One look at Crazy Uncle Bernie and Alexandria Empty Cortex reveals
    a complete lack of economic and historical literacy. Anyone who
    swallows the global warming hoax would have been laughed out of my
    junior high school science class.

    Their most insane assertion is that there are as many genders as
    Heinz 57 steak sauce. There are only 2 genders, male and female.
    All the others were yanked out of the rectal orifices of radical
    man-hating lesbian, gender-feminist women's studies professors.

    The rejection of objective reality by the "moderns" about 200 years
    ago gave us Darwin, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, the Eugenics and
    abortion movements (all of which were embraced by the modern left.)
    It was not Republican's who championed slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow
    Laws, segregation, etc all the way to the 1980s.

    The Democrat party just managed to pass an anti-lynching law. They
    spent 75 years filibustering federal anti-lynching laws! Now little
    brother, let me talk about your last name. I have a lot of Hispanic
    friends, coworkers and more than two dozen 2nd and 3rd cousins. You
    could say that like GHW Bush, I have a few brown people in my

    Before I became disabled, I had an Hispanic coworker who decried
    standing bgehind a Paisa with a 300 dollar Stetson hat, wearing
    500 dollar cowboy shitkickers while buying groceries with food

    My friend, I love Speedy Gonzales, the Frito Bandito, and Sambo's
    restaurants! I rescued a picture perfect B/W tuxedo pattern
    feral Tomcat from a paper mill. Slowpoke Rodriguez II Climbs
    atop me to protect me when I go to sleep at night.

  17. Perhaps "it was not Republican's who championed slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, etc" but it certainly seems the party of Trump wants to be the modern day advocates of it.

  18. Uhm, black people know Lincoln was a Republican and that the most ardent proponents of slavery were generally Democrats, because, black people are not stupid.

    That was over 150 years ago. Parties come and go over that amount of time, and parties change platforms over that amount of time.

    By the time we got to the 1950s and 1960s the party that was predominately in favor of civil rights legislation was the Democratic party, and the party that was predominately opposed to civil rights legislation was the Republican party. There were exceptions in both cases, of course, I said predominately, and that is what matters because that is how votes lead to passage, by the predominate trend, not the few exceptions.

    That trend continues to this day. It is no surprise that our first black president was a Democrat (Bill or Barack, take your pick).