Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thug Got What he Deserved: Bronx Hero husband Mamadou Diallo beats to death man who tried to rape his Wife

Good!  One less career criminal the citizens of New York have to worry about.  Mamadou Diallo deserves a medal and the keys to the city as far as I’m concerned. 

Trump Interrupts Press Conference to rightly call one of the most dishonest reporters in the corrupt media ABC Reporter Tom Llamas a ‘Sleaze’

The sleaziest reporter in network news
Tom Llamas

In the pantheon of reporters who are part of the corrupt media machine this blog id dedicated to expose, none is sleazier than Tom Llamas! 

Devastating retort to Crooked Hillary: Ex-State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim, private email ,private server huge difference

Creative Commons

I truly think Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the difference between having a private email address at @Gmail.com hosted by Google and private email at @Hillary Clinton on a private server sitting in a bathtub. 

Army vet, Dionisio Garza III , 25, who served four tours in Afghanistan identified as shooter in Houston that left two dead and six injured

This is a sad deal! We need better support services for our guys that need help. 

Black Lives Matter? Ha: 4 killed, 53 shot Memorial Day weekend in Chicago

The real reason Obama isn’t moving back to Chicago  is because it’s a shooting gallery. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Looney Tunes Leftists Vigil for Harambe the dead gorilla killed at Cincinnati Zoo RIP Chimp

Now I have really truly seen everything! 

Plans in place for a Memorial Day vigil for Harambe the Gorilla, who gave his life valiantly for the Cincinnati Zoo

This story is a gift that keeps on giving!  

Americans aka Clinton/Sanders supporters don’t know what Memorial Day is for: The Video

I’m not shocked considering people who support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are Leftists who live in a world all their own. 

Life Out-of-Control: Johnny Manziel disappears before family party

Johnny Manziel has ability as a football player and he could have made it work for him in the NFL in some fashion. 

Obama’s DOJ looking out for Hillary: Justice Dept. Tries to Prevent Deposition of Clinton in Email-Related Suit

Hillary and Obama, Public Domain

The reason I think Hillary hasn’t been indicted so far is because Obama is extracting every ounce of payback he can from her.

Are you kidding me?: Parents of 4-year-old who caused Harambe the gorilla's slaughter at Cincinnati Zoo could be CHARGED

This is ridiculous!

Animal rights lunatics upset Gorilla was killed to save 4 yr boy at Cincinnati Zoo Killing sparks outrage

Do I know these people or what? 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump at biker annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally :Veterans treated worse than illegal immigrants


Trump hits hard with the truth and the ones hurt by it are guilty for doing wrong to our Vets.

Eric Trump: Obama’s Iran Deal Drove My Father to Run for President

The phony Iran nuke deal could be Obama biggest scandal.

Shots Ring Out, Houston Gunman: 2 dead, 6 injured after gunmen open fire on passing cars, police helicopter

This is real scary!  Who know what set this off?

Bad Pass: Pelicans guard Dejean-Jones shot and killed after breaking and entering apartment in Dallas

A person breaking into an apartment in Texas is taking his life in his hands. 

PETA ALERT: Gorilla killed after 4-year-old falls into zoo enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo

Good thing the Gorilla wasn’t on the endangered list otherwise the little might be a goner.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heartless: Relic thieves desecrate Civil War battlefield in Virginia

This really is shameful for somebody to do.

Trump pledges to ‘open up the water’ to solve Calif. Man-made drought over a 2 inch fish Delta Smelt

A large part of the drought occurring in California is totally “man-made” to protect a fish known as the Delta Smelt.

Hot mugshot girl Sarah Seawright has Twitter going nuts over latest jailbird beauty

She’s cute, but I don’t see what the fuss is about other than people latching on to what’s trending.

National Enquirer Hillary Clinton used unsecured phones to hook up with Lesbian lovers

Hillary Clinton, Creative Commons

This report was published yesterday. 

Pretty as a picnic... table! Hillary Clinton dons bizarre pink gingham outfit for a meeting at Home Of Chicken And Waffles in Oakland

Hillary Clinton has always been a fashion disaster. 

Krauthammer on Obama in Hiroshima: It Was Embarrassing Utopianism, An Implicit Apology that Dishonored Our Nation

President Obama’s trip to Hiroshima was most certainly an apology from a guy who feels compelled to apologize for a country he dislikes, America. 

Vintage World War II plane crashes in Hudson River; pilot killed (Video)

(Courtesy Shirley Alonso)

This is so horrible!

Teacher of the Decade: Wisconsin teacher Jodie Schmidt volunteers to give up her kidney to 8 yr girl

Tip your hat to a teacher who cared this much about a little girl who needed a kidney!

Forestville High School in Maryland teacher Vincent McDuffie arrested for sexual abuse of 17 yr old student

This teacher is not having a good Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Feds spent millions flying illegal immigrant kids around country

Yet again we find out President Obama and the Democrats get joy out of poking their fingers in the eyes of the American people. 

A good movie to watch Memorial Day, Midway staring Henry Fonda, Charlton Heston ensemble cast

Around this time of year I pull out this DVD and marvel at the story of the miracle victory at Midway Island in the Pacific. 

Horrible idea-Gender based tax relief: New York Legislature Cuts Taxes on Tampons and Other Feminine Hygiene Products

Where do I start? 

Hillary’s Loose Lips: Ex-State aide recalls Hillary’s ‘sloppy communications’ with staff may have botched special ops missions

If these allegations are true, it sheds more light on how bad a job Hillary did as secretary of state and demonstrates why she’s not fit to be president.

The Trump Effect: REPUBLICAN PARTY Sets Primary Turnout Record – 28 Million Votes with 5 States Left

I’m not one of the wizards of smart in the GOP, but I predicted weeks ago Trump was gonna wrap up the GOP nod before the convention.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Destruction by Leftists: New York City decriminalizes peeing in the street, drinking alcohol out of a bag and littering

The Leftists who destroyed New York

When people ask what happened to New York?

Senate GOPers demand DOJ cease probe of climate change deniers’

Obama’s DOJ targeting people who don’t believe in the Global Warming hoax is one of the more egregious forms of Liberal fascism ever seen in America. 

Why America needs to Ban Muslims A mob of 300 Muslim men strip a 70 year old elderly Christian woman naked and parade her through the streets

Do we want people like this in our country that don’t know how to act civilized?

Corrupt Media Machine Beseeches American Hero: ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle not as decorated as he claimed according to Leftist Rag site


This is an unprofessional amateurish assault on the fine memory of an American hero, Chris Kyle! 

Switzerland: Muslim students face $5K fine if they refuse Swiss teachers' handshakes

This is very interesting on a couple of fronts. 

Prairieville La teacher Louis Aguillard arrested for alleged having sex with 17 yr old student, gender undisclosed

If anybody knows whether this was a male or female student, hit me up in comments. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trump Hits Back: Donald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas,’ a ‘total failure’

Elizabeth Warren, aka Fake-A-Hamtis, is no match for Donald Trump. 

Fake-A-Hantis Elizabeth Warren takes a jab at Trump amd the Libs are orgasmic over it

I guess it takes a dishonest woman like Elizabeth Warren, the fake Native American, to be the #1 attack dog for an even more dishonest woman, Hillary Clinton. 

Matt Harvey needs to act like a Man instead of a Punk

After getting bombed last night by the Washington Nationals, Mets starter Matt Harvey chose to run away and not face the media. 

Voters are convinced Leftist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is corrupt

The man who rode his son’s 10-inch Afro all the way to Gracie Mansion is up to his chin in corruption probes. 

Rules don’t apply to Crooked Hillary: State Dept 78 pg report faults Clinton, says she broke email rules

Hillary Clinton believes rules and regulations don’t apply to her because she’s married to Bill Clinton.

Promising future comes to an end: New Mexico governor Susana Martinez too busy for Trump rally

If Susan Martinez had any ideas of career in GOP national politics, that has come to a crushing end. 

Krauthammer: Hillary still searching for a message

I guess I am Woman ain’t working out to well.

Dark Knight has become The Joker: Silent Matt Harvey confirms he’s the phony Mets have enabled

Matt Harvey, Creative Commons

Less than six days ago Matt Harvey got his brains beaten in by the Nationals. 

Harlem gym teacher Brett Bernstein fired for coercing teens to grope him

Howard Simmons / New York Daily News)

If this was a public school teacher, he’d still be on the job with pay for months before anything happens.