Saturday, April 3, 2021

Baseball Commish Very Dumb: MLB caving to the Idiot Woke, pulling All Star Game from Georgia aka Stupidity

Like I ended my post yesterday, corporate America and individual people need to ignore the fools that need to be ignored. 

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred decided yeste4rday to pull MLB's All Star Game from Georgia because of lies being told about  a new voting rights law.  The law is aimed to guarantee fair and elections.  I'm pretty sure Manfred never read the law.  Instead he believed in scandalous lies being told about it from President Joe Biden, Twitter, and fat-ass Stacey Abrams.

Aside from that, MLB is doing more harm to fans that just want to enjoy basedball.  Like I've said on earlier posts, sports SHOUL NOT be involved in politics--PERIOD!

Sports suppose to be an escape from the peaks and valleys of life.  But, when athletes bring politics on the field, on the courts, or on the ice, where are fans going to go?

Home, or someplace else!

It's an asinine situation.  Fans get alienated.  They pay good money, set aside a few hours in their busy day to get away from the bullshit of life.  Instead they get to see a Black Lives Matter T-shirt draped across home plate, or a social justice message worn on a player's back. 

Symbolically, sports might as well put a gun in their mouths, pull the trigger because their setting the stage for  their own demise.     




  1. US Sports at all levels are already dead with the politics they have been playing. I (and I am sure many others) have given up on them. This will kill money to them, Media, Dem cities/counties that have them, corporations that use them for ads, colleges, and athletes. We do not need them as we can find other things to do.

  2. Screw every sport that goes woke. No matter if it is a local team of kids with their parents squawking or million dollar tits who couldn't work an actual job. They don't want our racist support, just the money - f- every last one of them.
    And if my kids and grandkids go woke, I will give my estate to the neighbor's dog.

  3. They can all got to hell. I'd rather concentrate on my grandkids and their upbringing with the values that made this a great country at one time. The disgust I have for them is real and haven't gotten and will not get another moment of my time or money.

  4. This is an easy one; DON'T WATCH THE GAMES! These people sell something no one actually NEEDS. Show MLB, NFL, NBA, and Hollywood just how little we need of what they're selling!

    1. So very true! I pointed out during a discussion at work that if all sport disappeared tomorrow, it would be of zero consequence to the planet. They all looked at me like I shot their dog!

  5. What's really stupid is that ratings for All Star games in all sports are getting lower and lower. This won't help at all.

  6. Time for MLB to reach the same level of popularity as the NBA???

  7. Goodbye professional sports. You had a nice run.