Friday, April 21, 2017

Your Brain on Drugs: Neuroscientists Narc on Legal Marijuana

The legalization of recreational Marijuana is a huge mistake that will cost our society dearly. 
Of course Liberals look forward to benefiting from the fall out and chaos with more government programs for problems they created.     

Weekly Standard reports that heady scent of open-air pot-smoking is just another sign of springtime come to D.C. nowadays. (Move over, cherry blossoms.) Wednesday near dusk I met an otherwise upstanding young guy on the sidewalk in leafy residential Northwest, waiting for a ride with a crackling joint in hand—not an unusual sight, but it was the eve of the "marijuana holiday," I remembered: April 20, or 420, reportedly popularized by goofball friends of Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh.

The District legalized recreational and medical marijuana in 2015, but stodgy Congress is still blocking its recreational commercial sale—which means that girl who called her dealer from the Trader Joe's line the other day might have been breaking the law. On Election Night, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine legalized recreational marijuana, joining Oregon and Alaska—and Washington state and Colorado, who'd blazed (get it?) the trail back in 2012. But even they've found no functional regulatory framework to manage the mind-altering herb's non-criminal commercial distribution. And there's no simple solution for its dangerous neuropsychological side-effects either, proven to disturb teenagers' growing brains. (Like alcohol and cigarettes, recreational marijuana finds its way into the possession of the wily underaged.)

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