Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Had Daunte Wright not resisted arrest he'd still be alive!

It's always the same story when black men gets shot by cops. 

All these men resist arrest.  It's ALWAYS part of the equation that never gets highlighted by our very corrupt media. 

Does it mean Daunte deserved to ge killed?  No, it doesn't.  But, his stupidity, resisting arrest,  helped to get killed. 

How about telling our black men and women to NOT resist arrest.  Don't be idiots like the others.  Get arrested.  Go through the system, have their day in court, and come out alive.  By the way, Wright had outstanding warrants against him.  20 years old with warrens?  Come on.  Gimmie a break, he knew the deal and decided get stupid!    


  1. I totally agree with your post. What bothers me is how the media doesn't use the words resisted arrest. I think the media wants these crazy people to protest.

  2. Sometimes karma catches up to you! I believe this is what happened to George Floyd and Freddie Gray and many others , I dont understand the glorification of these thugs however I do realize
    deadly force was a criminal act in many of these cases and justice needs to be enforced no matter who you are ! What no oneseems to want to address is the impaired judgement due to the use of illegal drugs yet I dont see any protesters trying to track down the drug dealers that sold these people their drugs ! Maybe they should protest at the drug dealers house or corner of business as they are partially responsible for these people deaths also!

  3. Had Daunte not been a criminal, he wouldn't even been subject to arrest.

  4. No. He didn't deserve to die and the traffic stop "may" have been an incident of racial profiling. There is no way that being shot and killed can be justified by his outstanding warrant and even resisting arrest. But yes, the media is intentionally ignoring the larger context, that Wright's decisions played a role in his death. There is a video showing Wright brandishing his pistol, smoking a blunt, and with a bottle of Hennessy in the other hand- all 3 are breaking the law (pistols can only be legally registered to 21 year olds). This shows what a "great" kid he was and his commitment to be an outstanding role model for his daughter. None of this excuses the tragedy and the fact that the shooting should not have happened. But he did help to create a situation whereby he was shot. It is as if any of the truth of what Wright did and who he was will dilute the outrage, which is actually what is needed.

  5. Like I told my own kids (6 boys 3 girls). You screw up...it's your fault. No questions asked. If they have to pull you over and arrest you, do as they say and go with then. If it is a wrongful arrest we will sue later.

    The challenge with all these dip sticks getting shot, is they have a rap sheet that killed a forest to fill out all the paper, so when the cop approaches the vehicle he or she is already very tense because they knows this is a dangerous person. Just Like you don't walk up and start petting rattle snakes, or pick up a scorpion and go "goochi, goochi goo", you don't walk up with kid gloves and deal with these criminals.

    But first some reason the left thinks you're supposed to treat a habitual criminal with outstanding warrants like he is a 3rd grader.

  6. He was a criminal who would have kept commiting violent crimes. If he was white I'd say exactly the same, it has nothing to do with race, but being a decent human being and respecting others. Someone in another comments page said he didn't deserve it because he wasn't a murderer, yet he shot someone in the head....what other outcome can you expect from that?

  7. How can he be a great kid, holding a pistol at 18, smoking a blunt and drinking liquor. I guess who ever "D" is must like to do all those things, which means you are not a very good role model for anyone!