Thursday, June 22, 2017

If Bill de Blasio is the best New York City can do for mayor, that's a sad commentary for the city and shame on us all

Bill de Blasio is destroying New York and he needs to go!  Nuff said! 


  1. If Rudy Giuliani was the best the Big Craphole could do for a mayor, that's an even SADDER commentary. When Giuliani looks good, you're really in bad shape!

    1. Have to disagree in the strongest way. Giuliani was the best thing to happen to New York in 50 yeas.

    2. That isn't saying very much. He has no more use for the Constitution than does Di Blasio.

  2. He's looking for the next level on the food chain ,,, Governor..

  3. Sadly this idiot will probably be re-elected in a landslide. Except for Staten Island NYC is a one party town (neither Guiliani nor Bloomberg were traditional Republicans.)

    Yes, de Blasio will destroy this once-great town. But the press will love it High crime rates are so "gritty and authentic."


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