Sunday, July 9, 2017

Texas cookie store SUSPENDS teenage employee Zachary Randolph who paid for cop's brownie after another customer called him RACIST for not receiving same treatment!

Three cheers for Zachary!!!!  

Good for Zach for treating police officers special because they put their lives on the line everyday to serve the public!  The complaining customers are just idiots who will never understand the danger Cops face. 

Daily Mail reports a Texas teenager was suspended from his cookie store job after a customer became upset when he paid for a police officer's order.

Zachary Randolph, 18, was suspended from his job at a Great American Cookies mall after he bought a police officer a brownie out of his own wages on Sunday.

The teen from Katy, Texas, said upper management put him on temporary leave for a week because another family complained that he didn't buy their cookies as well.

Randolph said the customers in line who overheard the interaction became upset and threatened to beat him up because he was racist and promised to get him fired.
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