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  1. As a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx I agree with your comments. It is people like this that make us look trashy.

  2. I follow the "counter-jihad" movement and your Aug.23 2010 three-part group on Geert Wilders warning to America (in his best tone)followed by the barbaric self-revealing jihdists aginst him and bent on savage world conquest--is THE BEST, single distilled powerful set of info for almost anybody halfway-open! THANKS and (*) PLEASE preserve and distribute this trio!
    --Infovoyeur, of the Institute for Meta-Stenology

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    Albert N. Milliron
    The editor,

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  5. I was Kester Browne's teacher at BIA. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. The black community is killing the black community, but they choose to be outraged over Freddie Gray. Where is the outrage for Kester? Do black lives only matter when they are killed by police or white people? We are heartbroken over the death of this sweet little boy.

  6. I'm a new reader of your blog but I sense a great kinship of ideas. Good work, I look forward to seeing what you think over this election season!

  7. As a true believer in the United States Constitution and in political coherence, if trumps presidency tarnishes the fundamental values regarding in house and foreign policy issues, will a recall allow congress to nominate someone who is more qualified? Also will the Trump cabinet members also get replaced? Honestly, Trump's cabinet choices are primarily billionaires who are subject to the "revolving door." Most of them made more than 100 million dollars worth of campaign contributions and are now given access to political positions. That means new decisions will not be based off of improving policy, but to instead syphon funding from beurocrattic agencies to fuel personal agendas as well as mooch off of their new tax cuts...But that's a matter of opinion.


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