Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trumpism in France? MARINE LE PEN Leads All in Last Minute Leaked French Candidates Poll

I don't know if Le Pen can pull it off.
  But, it would be so nice to see Leftists in Europe and around the world freak out if she was able to get the victory. 

Gateway Pundit reports Marine Le Pen leads all French candidates in a last minute leaked poll published by La Libre.

Westmonster reported:

A shock leaked poll obtained by Belgian newspaper La Libre shows Marine Le Pen leading the French Presidential race on 26%, with conservative Francois Fillon in second place on 22%.
If that result played out today it would mean that establishment favourite Emmanuel Macron would be knocked out and that Le Pen would take on Fillon one-on-one.

That would be highly significant as Le Pen has polled best against Fillon, as high as 47%.

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