Saturday, June 24, 2017

Federal Court Upholds Law Allowing Refusal Of Service To LGBT Couples

This no doubt will end up in the SCOTUS who may or may not rule on the case.  These types of lawsuits only come about because Gay activists purposely targets Christian businesses for the sole purpose of crushing religious liberty. 
It has nothing to do with discrimination, that's a  smokescreen.  There are plenty of businesses in the marketplace in this country that gladly do business with LBGTs.  But, Leftists want to destroy religion using Gays as their bludgeon.  Let's be real here!    

Daily Caller reports a law allowing business owner to deny service to LGBT couples was ruled enforceable in Mississippi by a federal court Thursday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th circuit struck down a district court’s injunction against the law, which now allows business owners to refuse to serve gay, lesbian, or transgender couples on grounds of religious objection and also permits clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples.

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  1. if I owned a Christion bakery, or any other business, I would bake a cake for a gay wedding.....for $135,000.
    if they try to claim discrimination the answer is that the state of Oregon has set the costs me that much to refuse service, so that is the gays cost to force me to serve them...
    oh...and I would inform them that I would be donating their payment to westbrough Baptist church