Saturday, June 3, 2017

Georgia 6th: Handel urges Republicans to defy ‘angry’ Democrats

I expect Handel to win handily over Pajama Boy. 
Atlantic Journal Constitution reports Republican Karen Handel called on conservative activists Saturday to defy “angry” Democrats in Georgia’s 6th District race, casting Democrat Jon Ossoff as a stooge of Washington liberals. 

Riffing on the 1979 hit “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” she compared House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – a favorite foil of the GOP – with a certain horned character: “Nancy is coming down to Georgia. She’s looking for a seat to steal.” 

She added, rhyming: “Well, Nancy, my name is Karen. And it might be a sin. But I’ll take your bet – you’re going to regret – because Handel is gonna win.” 

Her speech to the Georgia GOP convention ended with the Charlie Daniels Band song playing as she walked off stage.

Handel and Ossoff square off in the nationally-watched June 20 runoff, a furious proxy battle that both parties are desperate to win. The most expensive U.S. House race in the nation’s history, an Ossoff victory in territory long held by the GOP would be a blow to Donald Trump’s presidency.

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  1. Is Ms. Handel an honest conservative? Or is she instead just another filthy Rove Republican POS?

    Why would anyone vote for a jackass in an elephant suit, when the jackass without a costume is available for the same price?

    1. Mark

      That was a good one I may have to steal from you. I have no love for Carl Rove you're a regular reader of my blog.