Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Untold Story: Small Business Cheer Trump Decision to Leave Paris Climate Change Accords

One of the biggest reasons why some major U.S. companies were all for the Paris accords was because it was a boom for crony capitalism. 
Large business can afford to absorb the costs of government regulations to meet the terms of the international climate deal.  But, small to mid size companies get crushed by the regulations and can't compete with the big boys.  Anything that makes it harder for small business to thrive is not good for the overall  economy and President Trump understands better than the fat bureaucrats in Europe.   

NY Times reports as news that President Trump was pulling out of the Paris climate accord hit at a luncheon for small-business owners in Toledo, Ohio, on Thursday, an already happy crowd suddenly turned euphoric.
“It was like a major win at a football game,” said Rick Longenecker, a management consultant who had been among the 50 or so attendees who gathered to trade thoughts amid a rapidly improving local economy.

While multinational corporations such as Disney, Goldman Sachs and IBM have opposed the president’s decision to walk away from the international climate agreement, many small companies around the country were cheering him on, embracing the choice as a tough-minded business move that made good on Mr. Trump’s commitment to put America’s commercial interests first.

This full-throated support from the small-business community comes even as the Trump administration struggles to advance health care legislation and tax reform plans through Congress — and despite the swelling controversy over Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia.

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