Saturday, June 24, 2017

Giving up the Big Lie: Dems push leaders to talk less about Russia

Yeah, the Russia, Russia, Russia thing is falling on deaf ears because the story never had legs to begin with. 
Hillary lost the election because she was a sick and horrible candidate.  End of story! 

The Hill reports frustrated Democrats hoping to elevate their election fortunes have a resounding message for party leaders: Stop talking so much about Russia.
Democratic leaders have been beating the drum this year over the ongoing probes into the Trump administration’s potential ties to Moscow, taking every opportunity to highlight the saga and forcing floor votes designed to uncover any business dealings the president might have with Russian figures. 

But rank-and-file Democrats say the Russia-Trump narrative is simply a non-issue with district voters, who are much more worried about bread-and-butter economic concerns like jobs, wages and the cost of education and healthcare.

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Dems still have a huge problem.  The corrupt media won't let the Russia thing go so easily because it's a rating winner with the lunatic base.  

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