Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hilarious: Black and Brown Gays Protest Gay Pride Parades for Lack of Diversity Too Much Focus on White Homosexuals

This really is a teachable moment. 
There's no such thing as totally pleasing Leftists.  They will always find something to bitch about because it’s their nature to constantly be bitching about something. 

AP reports Gay pride marches in New York City, San Francisco and in between this weekend will have plenty of participants — and also protests directed at them from other members of the LGBT community, speaking out against what they see as increasingly corporate celebrations that prioritize the experiences of gay white men and ignore issues facing black and brown LGBT people.

The protests disrupted other pride events earlier this month. In Washington, D.C., the No Justice No Pride group blocked the parade route. In Columbus, Ohio, four people were arrested after a group set out to protest violence against minority LGBT people and the recent acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of Philando Castile, a black man, during a traffic stop.

“Nobody wants to feel dropped in a community that prides itself on diversity,” said Mike Basillas, one of the organizers of the planned New York City protest action by No Justice No Pride.

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