Sunday, June 4, 2017

Here We Go Again: Six killed in London Bridge attacks; 3 suspects dead

Looks like electing a Muslim mayor has done little to quell the radical Muslim elements in the UK.  I don't think the 50 or so Sharia courts has done much either. 
So when is the UK going to ge serious about their Muslim problem?    
NY Post reports London’s police say six people died and 20 were injured in the attacks in the center of London. Police shot dead three suspects.

The Metropolitan Police’s head of counter-terrorism Mark Rowley said early Sunday that police believe all the attackers were killed but are conducting further investigation to make certain this is the case.

Rowley says the suspects were confronted and shot by police “within eight minutes of the first call.”
Rowley says the three attackers were wearing what appeared to be suicide vests but they turned out to be hoaxes.

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