Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pay Back a Bitch: Newcastle England-Car slams into people gathered to celebrate Muslim holiday, kids injured

What's really stupid is how the press and British authorities view these kinds of attacks -on Muslims as possible terrorism.
  These attacks are a response to terrorism.  They should be viewed as "revenge attacks",  "vigilante attacks" or something else.  But, to call them terrorism misses the point by a mile.   

NY Post reports six people, including three children, were injured Sunday after a car ran into pedestrians outside a Newcastle sports center where people gathered to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Police said the incident was not believed to be terror-related.

Northumbria Police said they arrested a 42-year-old woman, who remained in police custody. The force said it was not looking for other suspects. They say a full investigation was underway to determine what happened outside Westgate Sports Center in the northern English city of Newcastle on Sunday morning.

“There is nothing to suggest that this is terror-related,” police said.

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  1. Hey Samuel;

    What is going on in England and in other parts of Europe is an insurgency, the government will not do anything about it but the average Brit is getting tired of the double standard.