Monday, June 5, 2017

Teen charged for allegedly attacking 90 year old elderly man with cane

Yesterday I proposed a new law urging the NYS legislature giving life without parole for assaulting the elderly.  I don't give a rip if the perp in this case has mental illness.  We need this law!    

NY Post reports Cops have charged the whackjob who beat a 91-year-old Manhattan man with a cane Friday evening.  Saul Nunez, 19, allegedly savaged nonagenarian Juan Llorens with a walking stick on an Inwood sidewalk around 6 p.m. Friday.

The elderly victim was pushing a cart down the sidewalk on Broadway near his West 204th Street home when Nunez, who was wearing pajama pants and carrying a walking cane, clobbered the poor old man, grisly security footage shows.

Good Samaritans intervened, but Nunez fled before they could capture him.
Llorens suffered a bloody gash on his left ear that needed stitches to close, but he was up and moving around Saturday.

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