Friday, July 7, 2017

Putin Overmatched by Trump: The pleasure's all mine: Trump tells Putin 'it's an honor to be with you' while Russian leader says he's 'delighted' as the presidents go eyeball to eyeball in their first meeting at G20 summit

Vladimir Putin ran circles around Barack Obama.  It was like a Tiger toying with a cotton ball.  However, those days are over and President Trump is no leading from behind kind of leader.   

Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump said it was 'an honor' to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin told him he was 'delighted.' And with that, the dance was on.

The two leaders of nations that once squared off in Cold War iciness sat down in a neutral setting Friday, representing their nations at the G20 in Hamburg, Germany.

The men's first high-stakes handshake had happened hours earlier in a backstage moment captured by a German government photographer.

With the drama all but gone, Trump and Putin sat before cameras in advance of a meeting that was expected to last more than a half-hour.

Accompanying each man was the smallest of entourages: for Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and a translator, and for Putin, his foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, and a translator. 
On the agenda, according to White House officials, was everything from the Ukraine to NATO arms buildups.

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  1. There is also North Korea. Russia called their ICBM an IRBM and quashed our move in the UN condemning the Norks. There are a number of issues that Russia wants to speak about. We have a lot of troops in Eastern Europe and the old Warsaw Pact is now joining or leaning NATO. Romania has a big joint US Air Force Base. None of this pleases Russia. Ukraine is a festering sore. The Crimea is something that the US needs to get over - they wanted Russia back and Russia returned, getting the Black Sea Fleet a base again.