Friday, July 7, 2017

The White Barack Obama-Bill De Blasio begins all-expense-paid trip to G20 riots

That's right I said the White Barack Obama because NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is just as lazy and ineffective a leader as the former president of the United States.
  He so much wants to be an international figure that he shirks his responsibilities as mayor in the wake of the assassination of a NYPD officer to fly off to Germany and be a protestor.  De Blasio's place is in New York doing the job he was elected to, not jetting off tp Europe to be a wannabe Euro-bureaucrat.  Thus trip will haunt him for the rest of his life when je ends up being a one tern mayor.

NY Post reports Mayor de Blasio landed in Germany Friday morning where he will spend the weekend attending various events, including a leftist protest related to the G-20 Summit of world leaders.

De Blasio is expected to call into his weekly segment on WYNC radio, and his schedule for the rest of Friday also includes meeting with the First Mayor of Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, the President of the Hamburg Parliament, Carola Alexandra Veit, and attending a reception for G-20, according to schedule put out by de Blasio’s office.

On Saturday, de Blasio will be keynote speaker at the “Hamburg Zeigt Haltung,” or Hamburg Shows Attitude, rally on “human rights and democracy” where he is expected to speak out against President Trump’s policies.

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