Friday, July 7, 2017

(Video) Historic Handshake: Trump Meets Putin at G-20 Summit

The media doesn't know what to do with itself.
  They're twisted themselves into such pretzels covering Russia that the American public takes them with a grain of salt all the time.
NewsMax reports with broad grins and a warm handshake, President Donald Trump andRussian President Vladimir Putin warmed up for their historic encounter on Friday under the shadow of U.S. outrage about Russian election-meddling and nagging questions about potential Trump campaign collusion.

Ahead of a formal, sit-down meeting, Trump and Putin were seen exchanging pleasantries as a leaders' retreat got under way in Hamburg. A brief video clip showed Trump outstretching his hand to Putin as officials gathered around a table, then patting Putin's elbow as both men smiled. In another clip, Trump casually patted Putin on the back as they stood side by side.
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