Friday, August 18, 2017

Today, it’s a Confederate statue, tomorrow it's your Church or Synagogue, will GOP wake up?

Unfortunately we have too many enablers in the Republican Party, like Rich Lowry of National Review, who have gone on record and agreed that Confederate statues should come down. 
These kind of GOPers try to be too cute by half and instead of using their intellectual abilities to stand up against Democrat mobs, they give into their whims so the arrows won't come their way.   

That's appeasement in my book and it never wins! 

Do they really think by giving in a little here and there will appease a mob?  I don't think so.  The mob is never satisfied whether you give them a little bite or a big one.  So after all Confederate statues are removed from the face of the United States, something else will offend them.  And these same GOPers will appease again.  And again. And again. And again.  Until the United States is unrecognizable.    

We need stand up people in the GOP willing to fight for righteousness, not appeasers on their knees cowering in fear.       


  1. The Whigs won't. They're too busy reaching across the aisle to their friends in the Democrat party.

    Real Republicans are applauding what Donald Trump said on the subject.

  2. Romney:

    God damn him to hell.

  3. Th GOP won't "wake up." It sleeps in the same bed as the Democrats, as proven by their (lack of) actions. Seems both sides want this thing to fly apart. It'll be up to us to keep it together... by force, if necessary...

  4. An ominous wind is blowing..........