Thursday, November 2, 2017

If New York Can't Do Better than Bill de Blasio for Mayor, Shame On Us All

I can't find anyone who likes Bill de Blasio or who thinks he's doing a good job as mayor. 
And despite what the NYPD says, people feel less safe on the streets. 

New Yorkers don’t like the smell of piss and shit in the air which has become commonplace since De Blasio got rid of quality of life laws. 

New Yorkers don't like the sight of homeless overrunning our streets and scaring our children.    

And despite what De Blasio says, New Yorkers do care about corruption in City Hall.  They care about a mayor who is on the take and only a phone call away from doing favors for big money donors. 

We all see it!  The trend of this city is on the decline and under Bill de Blasio New York is headed in the wrong direction.   

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  1. When is the last time New York had a Constitutional mayor on the ballot? And Giuliani doesn't count. He may be "tough on crime", but he doesn't give a damn about the 2nd Amendment. You sure have no problem getting "Rent Too High" candidates on there though, do you?