Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tammy Bruce: Trump book proves liberals don't care about the truth

Tammy Bruce takes her shot to slice and dice the thoroughly discredited fraud of a writer, Michael Wolff.  
Tammy Bruce writing for Fox News reports in 1998, Forbes magazine discovered that a writer at The New Republic had “fictionalized his reporting to improve upon reality.” Ultimately, Stephen Glass became forever known as a “Fabulist” for having made up scores of stories for a myriad of major magazines.

Shamed and fired, he retreated from the literary world. A few years later, Jayson Blair, a reporter at the New York Times, was fired when it was discovered he fabricated and plagiarized multiple stories. In the aftermath, the managing and executor editors at the Times resigned.

Both scandals rocked the news and journalism communities, yet what a difference 15 years and a threat to the political status quo make, as Michael Wolff becomes the new international darling of fabulist reportage with “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

The story is meant to be an exposé of a chaotic Trump White House, filled with whiney, gossipy aides who think the president dumb and churlish. Even Ivanka Trump is a turncoat, but a dumb one (of course). The books ends up as graffiti, paying homage to every fabulous fantasy of a cosmopolitan smart-set drowning in their fear and loathing of the president.

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