Saturday, March 24, 2018

If I had a choice between Ann Coulter and Donald Trump in my foxhole…

I’d be a fool to pick Ann because she's the most erratic conservative pundit on the scene. 
This is the same woman who was all for Chris Christie as president at one time.  That speaks volumes about her judgment.     
 I understand a lot of people are upset President Trump signed this trillion dollar budget with a lot of pork.  I'm very unhappy with it myself.  But, it's time to get over it and continue the fight.  If Coulter wants to jumped the Trump ship as she's prone to do for the umpteenth million time, let her.  I like Ann Coulter but she's far from being the end all be all of conservative thought.  I'll stick with Trump for the long haul and leave Ann in the dust of her scatter brain. 

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