Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fred and Jeff Wilpon, sell the New York Mets and bring Joy to Mets fans

Here I go again with my annual act of futility. 
There is no joy in Metsville because Fred and Jeff Wilpon still own the New York Mets.  They've owned the team since 1980 and though they can claim one championship a long time ago in 1986, it feels like a million years ago. 

More often than not the Mets ownership has failed to put a consistent winner on the field.  More often than not, the Wilpons fail to spend money on top shelf players.  Instead they prefer to get their players at K-Mart or the Dollar store.  And it shows on the field.

But, the biggest complaint Mets fans have about the Wilpons is their mentality.  They run the Mets like a small market team.  That's not what Mets fans deserves.  They deserves better.  They deserve better than the Wilpons.


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