Monday, September 3, 2018

Memeorandum joins censorship parade of conservative websites

Memeorandum is a website that aggregates the hottest stories on the internet. 
It's one of the first places  media types, talking heads, radio host such as Rush Limbaugh and others go to see what is getting the most attention the mews. 

Memeorandum used to link to both Liberal and Conservative  news sources.  That's what made M a nice place to visit because you got both sides of a topic in one place side by side in one thread. 

But, those days are over to the discredit of Memeorandum.  What exists now is solely Liberal and mainstream media sources.  Conservative websites and news sources have been wiped away. 

Shame on you, Memeorandum for censoring the other side of the debate.  You used to be a great site!

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