Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Trump Effect: 83% execs say business better, 76% see more growth...

The difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump knows how to improve the economy that Obama didn't care about improving. 
Progressive leadership is a misnomer.  It's not about progress and improving lives.  It's about going backwards and making life miserable for all.  Look at San Francisco where progressive leadership can't keep up with human waste on the streets.  Look at Chicago where there's a shooting massacre every week.    

Washington Examiner reports over eight-in-10 executives believe that business is better than it was two years ago, and almost as many expect further growth in the third year of the Trump administration, according to a new survey of decision makers. 

The Zogby Poll from Zogby Analytics, provided to Secrets Friday, also found that both big and small businesses see the economic climate in great shape.

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