Tuesday, January 1, 2019

'Real Justice Department' veteran emerges as Mueller's top courtroom adversary

It's high time others than myself calls out Robert Mueller for the scoundrel that he is. 
Unfortunately, much of conservative media except for a select few like Daily Caller and some others have given Mueller to much deference.  He doesn't deserve it!   
Washington Times reports a former federal prosecutor has emerged as special counsel Robert Mueller’s most persistent courtroom critic.

It’s not Rudy Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney and now President Trump’s ubiquitous defender, or any of cable TV’s prosecutors-turned-pundits.

He is Eric A. Dubelier, a litigator for the Reed Smith law firm who knows international law and the D.C. playing field. He served eight years prosecuting cases as a Justice Department assistant U.S. attorney in Washington. He refers to his former employer as “the real Justice Department,” implying that Mr. Mueller’s team is something less.

His biting remarks have come in months of court filings and oral arguments. Mr. Dubelier has depicted Mr. Mueller as a rogue prosecutor willfully ignoring Justice Department guidelines.

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