Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Liberal Boondoggle: NYC Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio announces guaranteed health care for all New Yorkers, including illegal immigrants

The very lazy Mayor Bill de Blasio barely shows up for work at City Hall before noon. 
If he puts in 10 work days in a month's time, for him, it would be a workaholic pace.   

That's Bill de Blasio!

He's one of the worst mayors New York has ever seen.  But, that's not stopping him from coming up with yet another unworkable, pie-in-the-sky idea that will, if put into practice, bankrupt the city of New York. 

Fox News reports New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced plans to launch “the largest, most comprehensive plan in the nation” to guarantee health care coverage for all city residents, including those in the country illegally.

“Health care is a right, not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it,” de Blasio said in a statement. “While the federal government works to gut health care for millions of Americans, New York City is leading the way by guaranteeing that every New Yorker has access to quality, comprehensive access to care, regardless of immigration status or their ability to pay.”

The liberal mayor said the plan will serve the 600,000 New Yorkers who don’t have insurance by strengthening NYC’s public health insurance option, MetroPlus.

It will also guarantee health care access to those ineligible for insurance, including illegal immigrants who live in New York. That program, NYC Care, will launch this summer and will cost at least $100 million annually at full scale, the city said.

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