Monday, February 18, 2019

(Video)MAGA Hat Bias: Vans employee fired for allegedly cursing at MAGA hat-wearing 14 yr old teen

This kind of stuff needs to stop because it's a violation of a person's free speech rights. 
Anyone who wants to wear a MAGA hat should not be bullied, or cursed at, or asked to leave anywhere in this country.  It ain't right and it ain't cool.  I'm not for the guy losing his job.  Dock his pay for a day and a apology to the boy and his mother is what I would have done.     
Fox News reports a Vans shoe store employee was fired after he allegedly cursed at a 14-year-old customer because the teen was wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat.

The unidentified employee, working at a store in Overland Park, Kansas, seemingly said "f--k you" to the teen as he appeared to be shopping with his family, an encounter that was filmed and uploaded to social media.
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  1. If a white had said this to someone wearing an Obama button we all know what would have happened. Who needs an employee who is not civil, professional or socially acceptable? Dock his pay? For the next twenty years, I wouldn't employ someone like this and open my business to a possible lawsuit. Would you?