Tuesday, March 26, 2019

CNN,MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times Credibility in Toilet After Thousands of False Reports and Promises of Trump Russian Collusion

In 2008 Seam Hannity announced that the media was dead for not properly vetting Barack Obama prior to him becoming president. 

He was right!  

The mainstream media wanted Obama for president and they made sure they created a myth about him ignoring his radicalism.   They presented him as a centrist because that's what Obama said he was. 

He lied! 

Obama is just as extreme as AOC.  Nevertheless, the media purposely shielded the truth and only reported glowing peaches and cream about hum.  The media failed to act as journalists and instead become advocates for what anything Obama had to say. 

Obama became president despite a mountain of information about him  that never was brought to light  by dysfunctional media.  Americans saw this car wreck in slow motion.  They were not hoodwinked.  Unfortunately, there were enough voters that were.   The media lost a lot of credibility.   

Fast forward to Donald Trump.  All the polls had him losing to Hillary Clinton.  But, who put out the polls? The same lying media that lied about Obama!  However, millions of Americans didn't believe in the polls. 

They knew what was up!

The people kept their powder dry until Election Day and not only shocked the world but stunned the media as well.   

From that point the media did what they only know how to do; lie, misreport about Trump, advocate for a liberal agenda and it didn't work.  The truth is out there to be told and there's other news organizations that tell it, like Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh. 

When the Mueller investigation was closed and he reported that there was NO collusion between Trump and Russia, it wasn't a shock to Limbaugh listeners.  They knew it was a farce from day one.  It was those who watch the MSM who got their world rocked. 

The media has some real soul searching to do because they are a scam.  Either they realize it and fix themselves, or continue to wallow in the toilet.    


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