Friday, May 31, 2019

HANNITY: Media 'mob' ignored counsel's 'clarification' after botched remarks

The corrupt MSM is not covering the joint statement released by Mueller and the DOJ explaining Mueller had to retract everything he said on his last statement to the media.  
Fox News' Sean Hannity took the media to task for not reporting on the 'clarifying remarks' Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office released following his news conference Wednesday.
"Ask yourself this, why didn't the media mob report with the same intensity, the release of the clarifying remarks of Robert Mueller after he botched it yesterday morning? 

Why didn't they put the same passion in it as the nine-and-a-half minutes of Robert Mueller? Here's another question. Why are they so lazy, so predictable, so partisan?" Hannity said on his "Hannity" television show Thursday.

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