Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Insane New York Democrats pass law granting Drivers Licenses to Illegals opening door to allow voting in 2020 election

Stupid bastards! 
This is what happens when one party dominates a state. 

From the state that lets women murder new born babies, New York follows California's lead giving illegals the ability to obtain drivers licenses.  The ramifications are horrendous for our country!  With New York's motor voter laws already on the books that allows people to register to vote at the same time as getting a drivers license.  Thousands of illegals get on the voter rolls.

NY Post reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday night signed legislation granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants — shortly after the controversial measure passed the state Senate.

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  1. No worse than the New York snowbirds who also own property in Florida and vote in BOTH places!

    But neither "Law Enforcement" nor the "Legal" system will do anything about it!

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