Thursday, September 5, 2019

Denver cop Adolph Chavez suspended for ‘boobs’ comment, asking woman’s daughter on date

This is the second allegation of sexual misconduct involving police this week.  A few days ago a New Jessey police chief was accused of behavior unbecoming a police officer. 
I think police are catching at all ends.    

NY Post reports a police corporal in Denver has been suspended for making a crude comment about a woman’s breasts – and trying to set up a date with her daughter, city documents show.

Cpl. Adolph Chavez, a veteran officer of 24 years, made “inappropriate remarks” to a woman who was arrested in June and then tried to start a romantic relationship with her adult daughter, whom he called a “babe” while setting up a time for the woman to retrieve her mother’s forgotten cellphone, the Denver Post reports.

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