Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Taking a left turn: Walmart ends all handgun ammunition sales and asks customers not to carry guns into stores

This is not gonna fly with a lot of Walmart customers.
  I don't see why Walmart is penalizing the law-abiding gun owner.  They will just take their business elsewhere.   

Walmart on Tuesday announced it will reduce its gun and ammunition sales, one month after more than 20 people were killed in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Walmart also pressured Congress to enact gun safety measures.

The company, America's largest retailer, said it will stop selling handgun ammunition and "short-barrel rifle ammunition," such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber, that can also be used on assault-style weapons after selling all of its current inventory. Walmart (WMT) will also stop selling handguns in Alaska, the only state where it still sells handguns. And Walmart will request that customers no longer openly carry guns into its 4,700 US stores, or its Sam's Club stores, in states that allow open carry.

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  1. Taking this step, then still selling them until they are gone. I wonder just how long it will take for the shelves to be emptied of these rounds?