Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Quality of life summonses in NYC dropped by 48% since Democrats took control in 2017

This is how a city gets ruined under the Democrats.
Conditions in New York has gotten worse since Mayor Bill de Blasio and the radical city council took full control .  Crime is up, homelessness has increased and the city has become much less safe under these idiots! 

NY Post reports no wonder there’s squeegee men and graffiti everywhere.

Summonses for quality of life infractions like public urinating, littering and open containers were cut nearly in half since they were decriminalized in 2017, a new report has found.
The Big Apple has seen a 48-percent drop in such citations under the Criminal Reform Act, according to a John Jay College study funded by the Mayor’s Office on Criminal Justice.

The law took five infractions — littering, drinking in public, urinating in public, unreasonable noise and parks department violations — and made them largely civil violations that are dealt with in an administrative hearing rather than a courtroom

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