Saturday, March 28, 2020

Why are Chinese Take-Out Spots in my Queens Neighborhood closed?

Back in February business at Chinese restaurants In New York City were down nearly fifty percent. 
Apparently many people thought Chinese restaurants were unsafe or were somehow connected to the virus that started in Wuhan, China.  New York politicos were quick to encourage residents to visit these places and show the Asian community that they had nothing to do with what happened in Wuhan. 

Three Chinese take-out spots in my Queens Village neighborhood remained open for business.  To my knowledge, they didn't suffer like the restaurants in Manhattan. 

The coronavirus pandemic got worse.  Other businesses were forced to close including bars, restaurants, nail solons, barbershops and other places.  Nevertheless, some restaurants were encouraged to stay open and  provide their customers with take-out service. 

Okay, great!

So why are three Chinese take-out restaurants in my neighborhood closed?  In addition to that a Mexican restaurant, run by Asians, is also closed.  Why?  A Dollar Store,  run by Asians, is  closed too. 

So what changed? 

It sure looks like the city or the state of New York changed their policy toward Asian business overnight.                   

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