Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Bernie Somebody suspends his campaign for president and nobody care except for AOC

Bernie Sanders never had a shot to get the nomination for president and establishment Democrats made sure of it. 
But, aside from that, this not a socialist country!  So Sanders can take his Cuba lovin' ass back to three houses and keep his pie-hole shut for good!  
Fox News reports Bernie Sanders has suspended his Democratic presidential campaign -- all but handing the nomination to former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to a brief campaign statement, the senator from Vermont announced the decision during an all-staff conference call Wednesday morning.

He will address supporters shortly before noon during a livestream.
The populist lawmaker has suffered a string of major primary defeats in his second straight presidential bid, but until now had refused to back out of the race, instead pressing Biden to embrace progressive policy positions.

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Bernie Sanders never had an answer for anything he proposed.   All he did was bitch the same song.  Go to Cuba and live the rest of your life there!

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