Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Shit for Brains-Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo Blasts Trump’s Positive Messages in Crisis as ‘BULLSH*T’

Chris Cuomo doesn’t know a damn thing about what true leadership is!.
  And if he uses his brother, Andrews, as an example, that's a poor one because he isn't a good leader either.  Andrew Cuomo is in his third term as New York governor.  The results are very lackluster at best!  He can talk a good game, like most Democrats.  But, when the rubber hits the road, he stinks!  So Chris doesn't know any better. 

 A good leader stands firm and always confident when the circumstances  causes others to panic.  Trump is the rock the country leans on!  According to Chris Cuomo, he needs to be a blithering idiot like his brother Andrew, "I need 35,000 ventilators!" 

Nah, Chris!  You don’t know shit! That's why you work for CNN!
NewsBusters reports CNN host Chris Cuomo was apparently under the impression that being afflicted with the Wuhan Virus gave him free rein to throw out all pretense of journalism and turn his show, Prime Time, into his personal forum to lash out at President Trump. Last week, he cast doubt on whether we could all survive the crisis under Trump’s leadership. Then on Tuesday, he blasted the President’s positive messaging as “bullsh*t” (uncensored).

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  1. Coumo is looking for a "in" when Biden is carted off to a "memory care facility..." ...Mark my words...

  2. Gee Fredo - I certainly hope that you don't accidentally choke on your social distancing mask - if you draw too deep of a breath to continue with your rants it might very well happen.

  3. Fredo Quomo claimed to have been Coronavirus. A week later, he posted
    an image of his chest X-ray. Doctors examined the image and called
    it BS!