Thursday, April 23, 2020

Has Andrew Cuomo told NY's cardiac patients to just go and die, we’re not trying to save you?

Somebody has to answer for a new guideline that has told EMT workers not to resuscitate cardiac patients.
  Doesn't the buck stop with the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo?  Or does he get away with sentencing heart attack patients to die?      

NY Post reports New York state just issued a drastic new guideline urging emergency services workers not to bother trying to revive anyone without a pulse when they get to a scene, amid an overload of coronavirus patients.

While paramedics were previously told to spend up to 20 minutes trying to revive people found in cardiac arrest, the change is “necessary during the COVID-19 response to protect the health and safety of EMS providers by limiting their exposure, conserve resources, and ensure optimal use of equipment to save the greatest number of lives,’’ according to a state Health Department memo issued last week.
First responders were outraged over the move.

“They’re not giving people a second chance to live anymore,’’ Oren Barzilay, head of the city union whose members include uniformed EMTs and paramedics, fumed of state officials.
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