Sunday, May 31, 2020

Democrats who run cities and states don't believe minorities are responsible for crimes they commit because it's racist

Jacob Frey
Tim Walz

This is a sick attitude that runs among Leftists!  

Although they would never admit it, they makes up excuses to hide it, it's at the center of thinking as to why Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and his equally incompetent Governor Tim Walz did nothing to stop the riots in Minneapolis!
Don't believe the lies!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shares the same attitude when he signed a new "No bail law" in New York.  But, here's the lie.  They say minorities can't afford bail money.  That's a load of crap because they seem to have the money to buy drugs, Air Jordans, get their hair and nails done, and whatever they wanna buy.  No bail laws were an incremental step toward decriminalization of crime by minorities.  
Andrew Cuomo
It doesn't stop there!  

Liberals want to dismantle our prison system! Think about that for a moment?  On one end they don’t want to charge minority offenders with crimes and on the other end they want to release prisoners from our prisons.  

What would be the result?

Total anarchy like we’ve seen in Minneapolis for the past four days.  Be prepared because this is what's coming unless better people stop it!        

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