Monday, May 18, 2020

Memo to New York Tri-State Millennials: This is what Socialism looks like-Freedom Erased

New York Mayor Bill de Bladio

For all you young cats in school that were taught about socialism and all the free stuff you can get: free school, free healthcare and national guaranteed income by the government? 

Sounds nice?

But, there's another side to it.  The government tells you how to live according to their rules.  

The weather is getting nicer, right? Well, Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced that New York beaches will be closed Memorial Day weekend to keep you from getting Covid-19.  Forget about the science behind his decision because research has shown Covid-19 virus dies in warmer weather, direct sunlight and under UV rays.   

It's a fact!   

But, that doesn’t mean a thing to De Blsaio because he gets to make up his own rules according to his selfish whims.  That's the way socialism works in Cuba under  the Castro brothers and China under Xi Jinping.  And that's the way it's working in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and California. 
Get it?

That's not what America is about and you guys need to learn it quickly!    

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