Thursday, April 23, 2020

Video-Summer Kills Covid-19: Trump official Bill Bryan head of Science and Tech at Homeland Security proves direct sunlight, humidity, UV rays kills Covid-19 at various conditions

We're not talking about models that have been wrong more often than not, or theories coming from Dr, Fauci's head. 
This is evidence based research conducted by Homeland Security.  Or as scientists love to say, "Data, data, and more data!"  These are the findings and this is what it had to say,  
 Fox News reports President Trump and public health officials argued on Thursday that higher temperatures and humidity, as well as direct exposure to sunlight, quickly kills the coronavirus, leading to hopes that the threat of the contagion could drastically recede during the summer months.
Bill Bryan, the head of the science and technology directorate at the Department of Homeland, said that solar light along with high temperatures and humidity have a “powerful effect” of creating environments less favorable for the virus to survive.
A chart released by during the White House coronavirus task force by the DHS showed that the novel coronavirus dies within two minutes in hot summer humidity while on surfaces and a minute and a half while in the air. 
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  1. I have the following from someone with intimate knowledge of the way things work. She is a MD, a board certified specialist, degreed in microbiology, biochemistry, radiology and medical technology. I call her a professional student.
    hard pressed to understand that a bunch of people still do not understand that flu virus protection comes from being exposed to the virus and the body overcoming the virus by creating antibodies that tear the virus to pieces. the antibodies kill that specific type until the virus in question mutates which can and has occurred. whether a body is exposed to the virus by eating it, breathing it, or contacting it in some way, or getting a sample of it injected into the body, the results are the same. the body gets sick and responds by creating antibodies and increasing the temperature of the body to create an environment the virus cannot survive in. it is the way we are built.
    people die of it because their immune system is compromised or their immune system is already really busy with other problems. those who die of a virus eventually fail to pass on the genetic inability to overcome that particular virus; thus, the long term health of the herd is improved. sounds harsh, but that is because I personally have very poor bedside manner.
    bacteria is a different can of worms.

  2. What does minus minutes mean. If the environment conditions are right it generates a time vortex that kills the virus 1.5 minutes ago? I read it that half life means it extends the life by that time.