Sunday, May 17, 2020

VIDEO- Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Calls American Soldiers ‘Bitches’ Who Are ‘Killing Innocent Children Abroad’

Hateful and America-hating just like her Momma! Funny how the ant-White privilege Ilham married a White guy.  How does that work?   

Gateway Pundit reports Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter said during a video livestream that American soldiers are “bitches” who are “furthering American imperialism” and “actively killing innocent children abroad.”

The congresswoman’s 17-year-old daughter Isra Hirsi made the comments during a TikTok live video captured by conservative activist CJ Pearson.
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  1. and she knows
    has she ever been to an impoverished country??
    has she ever been outside of dearborn???
    she knows as much about the military and it's actions as greta knows about weather.