Friday, January 29, 2021

Emmy award winner Andrew "Asshole" Cuomo underreported seniors dying in nursing homes by 50%: Report

This is typical Andrew Cuomo, probably the most incompetent governor in New York history and very likely to most clueless in the United States. 

That's saying something.  So don't believe the fawning mainstream media that sings his praises.  It's just a bunch of smoke.     

NBC News reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been under fire for months over his nursing home policy and the true number of deaths in those facilities

New York may have undercounted COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents by thousands, the state attorney general charged in a report Thursday that dealt a blow to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's oft-repeated claims that his state is doing better than others in protecting its most vulnerable.

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  1. Emmys are worth as much as that cow dung in the treads of your boots. Cuomo is just another fly going from pile to pile.